:: About Us ::
WhirlyBall of Dallas
Our wonderful location opened in this very same spot in
November of 1994.  The very first Whirlyball
establishment in the South/ Southwest.  Our roots quickly
ran deep and strong, as the city of Dallas and its
neighbors came out in droves to come party and play with
us.  From the start we knew we had something special
here.  Whirlyball, the most unique game on the planet
(second funnest thing known to man), combined with this
city's finest Corporations, Churches, Boys/Girls Clubs ,
and citizens.  It was very quickly confirmed a smashing hit!
 As those who have joined us in play know, our game is a
blast.  It's played like basketball with some hockey and
jai-alai mixed in.  Then the kicker---  we strap you in a
bumper car.  Everyone is on the same playing field.  All
equals, in the beginning particularly, as each team of five
attempts to master this crazy game.  They quickly learn
ways to outmaneuver, out-think, and out-score their  
opponents.  Most of whom are their friends and relatives
or co-workers, at least till they stepped out onto that
court.  Even those who have dreaded going to mundane
company meetings in the past, left our place laughing,
joking, and raving about this years event.  What a
pleasure it is to be in such a fun environment for us.  
Everyday is a party!!  For those of you who have and
continue to make Whirlyball of Dallas your choice for your
celebrations,  we here as a staff (to the man/woman)
would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU!!!  
THANK YOU, for letting us share in your parties!
THANK YOU, for letting us share in your successes, your
THANK YOU, for letting us share some wonderfull years
and memories with you all ( whether its your BIRTHDAY or
             THANK YOU TEXAS!!!